We need both roots and wings

Roots and Wings

By Andy Gordon, Acting Principal

We have had an incredible Term 3! All the exciting learning that happens throughout the College is a direct result of the amazing community of families, teachers, and College Services staff that we have. Our Year 12 students begin the final leg of their school journey. 

I’d like to reflect on the poem (left), attributed to American motivational speaker and writer Denis Waitley, one of many people, including Goethe and Jonas Salk, to write on the topic of the “roots and wings” we should give our children.  

In the words of this poem, we find the powers of perspective and purpose. We also find the power of modelling and the example that we, as the adults, set. Our young people need you to provide boundaries and discipline for them, so that they can grow up in a healthy and safe environment. A saying I often use with our staff is, “you are not ready to lead until you know how to be led.” A similar saying for our students is, “you are not ready for your wings to fly until you know your roots.”  

Our learning experiences aim to help students develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they need to excel. We have been witnesses to this growth with their participation in performances, Year 7 Orientation, Hispanic Day, participation in the myriad co-curricular activities we offer, action to bring awareness to various social and environmental issues, and in the everyday respect that we encourage and expect at Radford College, when interacting daily with each other. We are constantly in awe of the growth of our students.  

Have a safe holiday period as we look forward to an amazing last term for 2022.