JS News: 10 Nov 2021

By Andy Gordon, Deputy Principal Head of Junior School

From this Friday, Junior School students will wear their house shirts every Friday. Parents have commented that this is one less thing to have to remember and track which week it is. We also feel that while we have organised Sport one week and Celebration the other, we see this as a great opportunity to continue to strengthen the sense of belonging and connection that our students have, with their class, year level, house, co-curriculars and ultimately, Radford College. Our celebrations and our wellbeing initiatives will be supported by our house structure. House shirts every Friday will be great!

The wonderful multi-age experiences that belonging to a house brings, especially in a P-12 College, is incredibly special, giving our small friends the knowledge of other older students in their corner, as well as reminding our older students of their position and responsibility to be an example and care for the smaller friends that look up to them for leadership and care.

Across the Junior School and Secondary School, a decision was made to introduce House Leaders in both sub-schools. Each house will have a teacher that is a JS House Leader and a SS House Leader. Our House Leaders will work together with our House Captains to grow our house culture. We have ideas for house picnics and we have already decided that the Summer Reading Challenge will be a house-based activity.

A significant end-of-year event will be the JS Festival of Houses on the last day of term (Tuesday, 7 December), following the watching of the JS Celebration.

We are excited to announce that the following JS teachers have won the position of JS House Leader.

  • Karri: Dean O'Brien
  • Banksia: Rachael Dubovitsky
  • Kurrajong: Anya Josan
  • Wandoo: Tara Mitchell
  • Jarrah: Bec Shea
  • Huon: Jon Craddock
  • Acacia: Gemma Wilson
  • Boronia: Hayley Oldfield
House emblems