The Radford Experience

Nature is close at hand at Radford College

Radford College is a thriving independent school dedicated to educating and supporting students to become compassionate, adaptable, global citizens.

The school is a modern Anglican co-educational day school which recognises that each student has unique potential. We help them fulfil their potential by offering a world-class education and opportunities to learn beyond the traditional classroom through co-curricular and community service programs.

We employ a non-selective enrolments process and Radford consistently ranks highly in the ACT academic rankings. We believe this is because of our innovative teaching and our fundamental understanding that students are most successful when they are engaged.

Radford is committed to progressive and positive teaching methods and our students are encouraged to be responsible, motivated and engaged in their schooling.


College Aims

To provide a purposeful, imaginative and enjoyable learning environment

The College will provide a learning environment for students which:

  • prepares them for lifelong learning
  • focuses on the learning process
  • nurtures academic rigour, adaptability, creativity, innovation and flexibility of mind
  • develops a spirit of inquiry and discovery
  • encourages participation in a broad range of academic and co-curricular activities

To nurture student potential

The College will provide a learning environment for students which:

  • encourages the achievement of sound, appropriate and challenging personal goals
  • facilitates their active participation in the learning process
  • helps them accept responsibility for their progress
  • encourages them to learn how to learn
  • acknowledges the worth of each individual

To foster sound personal values and attributes

The College will provide a learning environment for students which:

  • develops self-esteem and confidence
  • fosters self-discipline and encourages them to accept responsibility for their actions
  • encourages participation in group and team activities
  • promotes involvement in the local and wider community
  • allows them to adapt to the challenges of a changing world
  • encourages a concern for the welfare of others and a desire to serve others
  • nurtures a respect for the social and natural environment

To encourage an understanding and acceptance of Christianity as the spiritual and moral basis of life

The College will provide a learning environment for students which:

  • allows them to explore personal beliefs and develop an awareness of spirituality
  • helps them to develop a strong sense of morality and ethics
  • encourages sensitivity to the needs of others
  • nurtures tolerance and acceptance of difference
  • encourages respect for and understanding of the search for truth
  • presents the Christian faith as a meaningful and relevant way of life.