ICT at Radford College

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is rapidly becoming a ubiquitous part of a learner's life at school and beyond, Radford weaves computing skills and education throughout the curriculum. We have excellent ICT resources including a research database which students can access while on and off the school grounds. The school utilises a Learning Management System Radford Online, based on Microsoft 365, specifically created to help facilitate and enhance our students' learning. In addition to investments in technological hardware, our Information Technology Services team are continually refining our infrastructures to best align with education practices and policies. A drop-in Helpdesk is also available to our community to provide timely assistance and device troubleshooting support.

Radford's philosophy of lifelong learning means that it is very important for our students to know how to use modern technology effectively and participate in learning that connects them to the wider world. We make sure our students know how to sift through the deep web of information on the internet to discover answers which are useful, credible and interesting. Using ICT, we also provide authentic learning experiences that engage students in a world that is saturated with information, images and sound.

We recognise that students today have different needs from those in the past, particularly concerning technology, and we need to prepare them for a constantly evolving digital age. In order to do this, the College aims to utilise the most suitable and appropriate Information Communication Technology (ICT) available. 


1-to-1 ICT Program

Students using iPadRadford has a 1-to-1 ICT Program with all students from Year 4 to Year 12 now using their own personal ICT device at school.

The latest educational research shows that students who have their own device spend more time in collaborative work, produce work of a higher quality and length, engage more deeply in problem-solving and critical thinking, improve research analysis skills, and most importantly, are more able to direct their own learning. 


The 1-to-1 ICT Program:

        • ensures technology is available as a tool to support students in every lesson
        • initiates more differentiated and student-centred learning
        • allows us to provide and utilise high quality and subject specific software and apps
        • provides constant access to Radford Online (the College's learning management system).

1-to-1 ICT programThe 1-to-1 ICT Program adds another dimension to our rich curriculum and ultimately increase motivation and engagement for our students. In addition to being ICT-literate, we support them in developing the skills to act ethically, morally and with respect when online.

The ICT Handbook is available on Radford Online (login required), to provide direction to staff, students and parents/caregivers on procedures, responsibilities and expectations for this program. Families wishing to purchase a new device can obtain education pricing directly through Microsoft or Apple (in store at Apple Canberra or phone 133 623).