Language Tours

Great Wall of China

Radford College has fostered a number of sister school connections in order to offer our students the opportunity to participate in language tours:

China: High School Affiliated to the University of International Students in Beijing

France: Le Mans, LycĂ©e David d'Angers

Japan: Kunori Gakuen (Yonezawa), Kure National College of Technology (Kure), Konko Gakuen (Okayama).

On tour in Japan

Students who are studying a language in Year 10 have the opportunity to elect to take part in a language tour. On tour, students participate in a Homestay program, attending the local school with their host sister/brother. This allows the students to immerse themselves in the language and experience the daily life of a local young person. 

Visiting a French war memorial


Language tours also enable the student to develop a deeper understanding of the language, society and history of the country.

Overseas experiences are an attribute valued by employers and higher educational institutions as a mark of global citizenship. It also provides the students with a deeper intercultural understanding on a global scale.