Dirrum Dirrum

Dirrum Dirrum is a movement engaging and inspiring people in the art of being and staying human. It promotes acts of humanity that are simple, creative, bold, hope-filled, compassionate, inventive. Dirrum Dirrum is the sound of "red" in Ngunnawal and represents the earth. We belong to the earth and one another. If Dirrum Dirrum is real then it will be a gift to others, measurable in the power and life it gives.


Dirrum Festival logo 2017Each year a festival with speaker programme is hosted by student leaders. This is their work:

 - Recognise the reality, see the possibilities

- Inspire intelligent, effective engagement and action

- Lead transformation for a greater and common good

Hosted by Radford College and its Centre for Values Ethics, Compassion, it is a tangible expression of the College ethos. It reflects our dedication to the transformation of the whole person in service to the common good. Its work is to: develop humble leadership, create a climate of inspiration, foster a cycle of responsibility.

For more information about the festival, visit the student-hosted website: www.dirrumdirrum.org