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The P&F Committee: Bernadette Mihaljevic, Assistant Treasurer; Sandy Baldwin, Vice-President; Sarah Jennett, President; Jim Lilley, Secretary; Nicola Gibson, Treasurer; Rajesh Bahl, committee member; Vidushi Patel, committee member; Monique Glavonjic, Publicity Officer (absent: Ana Thomson, Kristen Foster and Samuel Beever).

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Contact us

All routine enquiries should be directed to: P&F@radford.act.edu.au This email address is accessed by the P&F Administrator, Angie Walters; the P&F Secretary, Jim Lilley; and the P&F President, Sarah Jennett. Please note, however, that the email address is not monitored full-time so you should not expect an immediate response.

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P&F crestManagement Committee 

The Annual General Meeting was held in the RA Young Hall on Thursday 8 March 2018 and the following committee have been nominated for the 2018 year:

Current committee 

President – Sarah Jennett

Vice-President – Sandy Baldwin
Treasurer – Nicola Gibson
Assistant Treasurer - Bernadette Mihaljevic
Secretary – Jim Lilley
Publicity Officer – Monique Glavonjic
Ordinary Member 1/6 – Ana Thomson
Ordinary Member 2/6 – Kristen Foster
Ordinary Member 3/6 – Vidushi Patel
Ordinary Member 4/6 – Samuel Beever
Ordinary Member 5/6 – Rajesh Bahl
Ex-Officio Member – the Principal, Fiona Godfrey
Ex-Officio Member – P&F Nominee on the Board, Andrew Wyman (continuing appointment from 2017)

Meeting schedule 2018

The Management Committee will meet regularly in the College Boardroom. Meeting dates are advised in the College Bulletin and calendar. Meetings commence at 7 pm and all members are welcome to attend. Members of the College Senior Executive also attend the Management Committee meetings to ensure effective communication and cooperation between the College and the P&F. 

  • Thursday 22 March (6 pm)
  • Thursday 12 April
  • Thursday 14 June
  • Thursday 26 July
  • Thursday  30 August
  • Thursday 18 October - Postponed until Thursday 1 November
  • Thursday 15 November - Postponed until Thursday 22 November
  • Thursday 7 March 2019 - AGM
   Important P&F events for 2019:


The Constitution was amended at the Special General Meeting on 25 February 2016.

The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) exists to promote the interests, policies and purposes of Radford College by:

 serving as the formal channel of communications and consultation between the College and the parents and guardians of students and those registered to attend the College
 fostering cooperation among teaching staff, parents, guardians and students, the College Board and the Collegians, and others with compatible interests
 assisting in the provision of books, teaching aids, and other facilities for education, recreation, sport and welfare at the College
 promoting liaison, consultation and cooperation with bodies with similar objectives so as to advance the knowledge, understanding and improvement of education within and outside the College
 fostering an interest in, knowledge and understanding of, and participation in the development of educational philosophy, principles and practice by parents
 doing such other things necessary or desirable for the promotion of the interests and purpose of the College.

In practical terms, the P&F meets these responsibilities by providing a forum for parental engagement in the College; by building, nurturing and cultivating the Radford College community, particularly through its organisation of the annual Art Show @ Radford (in Semester 1) and the Radford Fete (in Semester 2); its support of various co-curricular activities through the Friends of Radford Groups; and, by raising funds to help improve the facilities and amenities of the College. Funds raised are donated to projects that benefit students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12.


The P&F is a voluntary Association.

All parents and guardians of students attending the College, or registered to attend the College, and who have paid the annual membership fee, are Ordinary members of the P&F. Friends resident in the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn with a bona fide interest in the objectives of the Association and who have paid the annual membership fee, may also be members of the P&F.

The membership fee is currently $35 per family and is paid on a calendar year.

The day-to-day operations of the P&F are managed by a Management Committee. The Committee is supported by a part-time P&F Administrator, Ms Angie Walters. Her primary responsibilities are administrative support to the Management Committee and, importantly, she leads the Organising Committees for the Art Show and the Radford Fete.

Friends of Radford groups

There are five active Friends of Radford groups related to sport:

– Friends of Radford Cricket
– Friends of Radford Rowing (separately incorporated)
– Friends of Radford Football (Soccer)
– Friends of Radford Rugby
– Friends of Radford Snowsports

These groups provide a forum for parents and friends to be involved with the organisation and management of these sports and the means to help raise funds. As an example, the Friends of Radford Rowing raises funds for the purchase of new boats while the Friends of Radford Football runs a canteen and barbecue at all home games.

FoR Music supports the extensive co-curricular music program, helping with logistics of events and catering for special concerts, as well as fundraising. For more information about each of these various groups, please contact the relevant Convenors through the Head of Co-curricular, Mr Dylan Mordike.

Each FoR group has its own organisational arrangements with an elected Convenor and management committee. The finances of each group are accounted for within the P&F's financial accounts as separate, discrete elements, with the exception of FoR Rowing, which is a separately incorporated entity.