House Activities

Radford College's House system gives students the ability to be leaders, to engage with their peers of different years and to celebrate community spirit.

The eight Radford Houses compete in five major competitions: swimming, cross-country, athletics, performing arts and The Bishop's Cup – held on Foundation Day each year.

All Houses are named after Australian native plants:

  • Acacia – yellow
  • Banksia – white
  • Boronia – red
  • Huon – black
  • Jarrah – purple
  • Karri – dark blue
  • Kurrajong – green
  • Wandoo – light blue.

Students are allocated to a House when they commence at Radford and belong there for the duration of their time at the College.

Each House is run by House staff leaders, assisted by House Captains and Vice-Captains selected by the students.