Spirituality, at its best, is the synergy between our inner and outer lives. We spend time nurturing our connection with God, reflecting on our values, and doing those things that sustain us. These practices equip us to be of service to those around us. Spirituality and the movement between the inner and outer life is at the heart of our vocation as a college.

Chaplaincy Team

  • Reverend Dr Katherine Rainger, Senior Chaplain
  • Andy Fleming, Associate Chaplain
Godly Play
Godly Play is a Montessori-based approach to biblical storytelling.

Our Pre-K to Year 2 students explore spirituality through Godly Play, which is a Montessori-based approach to biblical storytelling.

Students in Years 3–10 attend Chapel and Religious and Values Education classes.

Our Senior students continue attending Chapel, as they prepare for life beyond Radford.

What does it mean to be an Anglican School?

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College Prayer

Great Creator God,
you sing the world into life and fill it with love
binding the things of earth with the Kingdom of Heaven.
Breathe your Spirit over this land,
awaken our senses and fill us with light
that with Christ your Son
we would live in truth
rise in compassion
and walk in wisdom.

Truth Compassion Wisdom

The founding Board of the College stated in 1984:

  • The whole of life is a search for Truth.
  • Wisdom shows us how best to use our talents, moment by moment.
  • Above all is that love, charity, or Compassion which makes life worth living.

These are our three foundational values and they orient our shared life.

Students singing in the chapel
Student choristers in the Radford Chapel

Radford Chapel

The College and the Chapel are named after Bishop Lewis Bostock Radford, Anglican Bishop of Goulburn from 1915–1933. Bishop Radford was a visionary force for the establishment of Anglican schools in the ACT.

Radford Chapel is available to the Radford community for weddings, funerals, baptisms and other special events. The Chapel seats 200 people and our Anglican Chaplains are available upon request.

Please contact the Senior Chaplain, Reverend Dr Katherine Rainger, +61 (0)2 6162 6200 or email, for further details.