Remaining healthy and fit is crucially important for growing children as it helps to keep them strong and active in addition to providing better rest, stress relief and improved overall health. We focus on teamwork, technical skills and theory to make sure all students have a great understanding of sport and fitness. We ensure that those who are gifted at sport can thrive, and importantly, we make sure it is fun for everyone.

The sporting facilities at Radford are excellent and we offer a wide range of sports within the curriculum, as well as in co-curricular programs. We aim to make sure that students have the skills to maintain a healthy life through school and well throughout their adult lives.

Radford College sports facilities include:

  • G Wigg Sports Centre – a double gymnasium space
  • Two ovals, including an outdoor exercise equipment set
  • Indoor and outdoor cricket nets
  • A well-equipped weights room
  • Indoor and outdoor basketball/netball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • A rowing shed facility at Black Mountain Peninsula.

As part of our Master Plan, the College has committed to building a new multi-function hall with a flexible interior between its two ovals, along with six outdoor courts with lights and spectator seating, change rooms, toilets, storage space and relocated car parking.