Our History

When Canberra's population was flourishing in the 1980s, a new Anglican school was conceived to match the growth. After careful planning and consideration, Radford was created.

The school's namesake, Bishop Lewis Bostock Radford, was an advocate of modern education and passionate about schools being fair, progressive and engaging. He was a supporter of education for women and community engagement. Notably, he also revitalised the Anglican Church in the Canberra region.

Laying of the Foundation Stone on 30 April 1983
Laying of the Foundation Stone on 30 April 1983

Formally founded in 1983, the foundation stone of Radford College was laid by Bishop Cecil Warren in 1983 and the school opened its doors in 1984 with just 235 students and 15 teachers. As a school centred on inclusiveness, community, modernity and success, it grew very quickly in size and reputation.

Today, there are 2070 students enrolled from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12, with equal numbers of boys and girls across all year groups. The College is constantly developing to make sure we stay in touch with our students and the world.

Photo captions:

Opening Day, 11 February 1984
(1) Governor General Sir Ninian Stephen with Foundation Principal Mr Jock Mackinnon, AM
(2) Governor General Sir Ninian Stephen with Chairman of the Board Dr TB Millar

Radford College Principals

1983*-1988 Jock Mackinnon, AM
1989-1992 Peter Casson
1993-2000 Graeme Wigg
2001-2008 David Mulford
2009-2013 Phillip Heath
2014-current Fiona Godfrey

Radford College Board Chairs

1982*-1985 Tom (TB) Millar
1985-2003 Lawrie (LJ) Willett, AO
2003-2007 Ray Young
2008-2017 Ian Morison
2017-current Steve Baker

*Jock Mackinnon and TB Millar were appointed before the College opened.

Radford College Archives

If you would like to know more about Radford's history, or if you have photographs or other items you want to donate, please contact the Radford archivist, Katie Taylor, at archives@radford.act.edu.au.