Radford College has a long-standing commitment to incorporating sustainability into its core activities of teaching and across all areas of operations.

The Sustainability Working Group is an advisory Committee of Radford College. The College established the Sustainability Working Group to act as the governance body with oversight of the development and implementation of sustainability initiatives across all areas of the College (including all entities).

Pictured above: the Radford College Sustainability Working Group in 2022, left to right Susan Davenport, Katherine Fleming, Joshua Kingston (Year 12), Emily Begbie, Dean O'Brien, Kath Notley, David Perceval, Agnes Kopras-Ianson, Yasmin Surman-Schmidt (Year 12), Helen Batt
(Absent: Jennifer Bell, Jon Craddock, Craig Webber)

The Sustainability Captains for 2023 are Josephine Truswell and Olivia Wang, both in Year 12 (pictured below).