Information Communication Technology (ICT) is ubiquitous in the life of learners at school and beyond. Radford is focused on using technology to support learning throughout the curriculum.

Radford’s commitment to lifelong learning underscores the vital importance of equipping our students with skills to leverage contemporary technology effectively. Through the strategic integration of technology, we strive to facilitate authentic and engaging learning experiences, and cultivate a balanced approach to our technology-saturated world.

The ICT Program at Radford

Radford has a shared device program for Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2, and a 1-to-1 ICT Program from Year 3 to Year 12.

The ICT Program:

  • ensures technology is available as a tool to support students in every lesson, if and when needed
  • initiates more differentiated and student-centred learning
  • allows us to provide and utilise high-quality and subject specific software and apps
  • provides constant access to the College's learning management systems.

In addition to ensuring students are ICT-literate, we support them in developing the skills to act ethically, morally and with respect when online. There are explicit opportunities for students to explore digital citizenship and Years 4–12 students sign an annual user agreement.

Our IT Helpdesk is available to our community to provide timely assistance and device troubleshooting support.