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Music education at Radford College aims to instil a deep love of music in all students. It encourages each student to experience the joy of music, regardless of age or ability, as an integral part of the school curriculum. There is an emphasis on active participation, individual expression and knowledge and understanding of the musical elements.

Music is an important element of the Radford community. It is an ingredient that both challenges and enriches students through performance and academic study. Music is a universal language that encompasses intellectual properties. However, it is the intrinsic value of music that is often neglected as a worthwhile pursuit.

Music is a vehicle that enables the human spirit to flourish. It often gives a sense of wellbeing, achievement, emotive connectedness and spiritual fulfilment.

Radford College has an extensive and diverse Music Program. It offers students a broad musical experience by encompassing three pillars for successful music making. These pillars provide students with an educational experience that develops skills, knowledge, understanding and values.

These pillars are:

  • Classroom music: Classroom music for Pre-Kindergarten to Year 8 is part of the core curriculum and classroom music is an elective for Years 9–12. Classroom music focuses on developing sound perception, understanding of the musical elements and general musicianship. Classroom music is the foundation on which all music making is built.
  • Individual music tuition: Individual music tuition sessions are held weekly and conducted by visiting specialist instrumental tutors. These lessons build technical fluency, musical literacy and individual expression. Individual tuition is the practical application of knowledge and understanding built in classroom music.
  • Co-curricular music: Performance, production and composition groups conducted before or after school and at lunchtime. Students have the opportunity of joining instrumental and/or vocal ensembles, as well as production or composition groups. This is an important aspect of giving back to the school community and provides a crucial social dimension to music making. Radford has an extensive co-curricular music program offering over 30 ensembles and production/composition groups.

Each pillar of the Radford Music Program supports and enhances the other two and is of equal importance in encouraging students to understand and enjoy music.