Secondary School Co-curricular

Radford's Co-curricular Program is elective, and is offered outside school hours. We have developed a range of activities which are challenging and fun. Students are able to try new things and make new friends.

It is a great opportunity for students to work towards goals and be part of the community. The skills students gain are not only practical, they can learn self-discipline, teamwork and values which will support them in their learning and they can call upon throughout their lives.


The Secondary School offers students the chance to be part of the sporting community and represent their school.

From Year 3 onwards, coaching and competition is offered in athletics, basketball, cricket, equestrian, football, futsal, golf, netball, oztag, rowing, rugby, snowsports, tennis and water polo. Orienteering, rowing and strength & conditioning is also offered from Year 7.


The Music Program at Radford is extensive and students can continue their Junior School musical instruments or take up new ones.

Individual music lessons are available and are held on a weekly basis with a visiting specialist music tutor. They teach students to read music, build fluency and develop individual expression. Individual music tuition helps students to learn the practical side of music, building on from the understanding they gain in the classroom.

Lessons are arranged between the instrumental music tutors and parents. Most lessons will take place during class time, on a fortnightly rotating basis to make sure that the same classroom lesson is not missed each time.

There are also opportunities to join a range of bands, orchestras, choirs and ensembles which rehearse weekly. Throughout the year, groups participate in concerts, eisteddfods and music festivals. They also regularly provide musical support for community events, school functions, services and ceremonies.

Performing arts

There are excellent opportunities for students to work towards large school productions and external events, including Dance Festival, Dance Night, debating, drama productions, musical productions, technical crew and various public speaking competitions.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh program is a rewarding activity for people aged 14 to 25. It challenges students to become active, passionate members of the community. Students participate on a voluntary basis.

Round Square

Round Square offers students unique and edifying opportunities to participate in community service projects locally and around the world.

Radford Awareness and Service (RAS)

RAS encourages students to consider the expression of their humanity through shared projects that are based on the principles of 'Just-I​nclusive-Diverse-Sustainable'​.

Radford has a strong emphasis on service and there is a strong community service program across all parts of the College.