The Telling and the Vessel

By Mrs Annette Carter, College Historian

In 2008, Radford College marked a milestone as it embraced The Telling for its 25th anniversary celebration.

Held at the G. Wigg Sports Centre, it captivated the entire school community of 1500 students with its mix of song, dance, spoken word and music.

Integral to The Telling is the “silver vessel of dreams” which is adorned with shafts of timber representing the dreams of each House. In 2008, it was hoped that with “each successive generation of students, while telling the same story, will invest it with the unique emphasis of that generation”.

Instructions relating to the vessel from The Telling run sheet, 2008

Crafted by sculptor Paul Dimmer, the vessel is housed in the Chapel courtyard when not in use as part of the Foundation Day celebrations. Dimmer reflected on his experience at the inaugural Telling: “I was moved. I have never been a part of something like that before”.