Principal Fiona Godfrey addresses a whole school Anzac Day commemoration

Entry points at Radford College
Entry points each year at Radford College are Pre-Kindergarten, Year 3, Year 7 and Year 11.  Places in other year levels are only available as vacancies arise. 

Registering interest
On deciding that you would like your child to attend Radford College in the future, the first step is to register your child's name on the Radford College waiting list. 

All registrations received are placed on a specific waiting list according to preferred academic year level/calendar year of entry (for example "Year 3 2024", or "Year 7 2028"), with separate lists for girls and boys. For each waitlist, children's names are ranked by the interval (number of days) between date of birth and date of registration, after priority students. 

Students can only be on one list at a time: if a place is not available for the preferred academic year level/calendar year of entry, your child's name shall automatically roll up each year to successive year levels, retaining (and being ranked by) their date of registration. 

Parents are recommended to place children's names on the earliest year level waiting list that they would be interested in an offer of a place (for example, if interested in a place in either Year 3 2024 or Year 7 2028, placing a child's name on the Year 3 2024 list would mean they would be on the correct list for a possible place from Year 3 onwards. If placed on the Year 7 2028 waiting list, they would only be considered for a possible place from Year 7 onwards).

Cost of registration
Registration incurs a non-refundable registration fee of $200 per child, and all siblings must be individually registered. The registration fee covers administrative costs and information provision while names are on the waiting list.

Registration form
To register children on the Radford College waiting list, this Application for Registration form can be downloaded as a PDF (you will require Adobe Reader V8). Please print, complete, scan and return the form by email (preferred method) or mail it with your payment to:

The Registrar
Radford College
1 College Street

Please note that the payment of the registration fee does not guarantee enrolment in the future.

Once a completed registration form is received at the College, you will receive an email response from the Registrar, acknowledging receipt of your application. If you do not receive the email notification within five working days, please contact the Registrar on (02) 6162 6212. Once your application for registration has been fully processed, a letter of confirmation and receipts will be posted out to you.

Age requirements for Pre-Kindergarten entry
The ACT Department of Education requires that children have attained the age of four by 30 April in order to be eligible to start preschool in that year. Radford College Pre-Kindergarten (full-time preschool) is bound by this requirement. For example, if your child turns four on or before 30 April 2020, they would be eligible to start preschool in Term 1, 2020. If your child turns four after 30 April 2020, they would be eligible to start preschool in Term 1, 2021. 

Changes to preferred year of entry
Once a child's name has been registered on the waiting list, families are welcome to change their preferred year of entry at a later date by emailing the Registrar with change requests. Any changes made shall be confirmed via email.

Changes to family contact details 
Families are responsible for keeping their contact details up to date with the Registrar's office, should they change after registration on the waiting list. These changes need to be in writing (via email is sufficient), and any changes made shall be confirmed via email.