Radford Chaplain Ordained as Priest

On Sunday, 25 November, Radford’s Associate Chaplain, Reverend Andrew Fleming, was ordained as a priest in the Anglican Church of Australia at St Saviour’s Cathedral in Goulburn. This was a special occasion for Rev Andy, for his family and for the Radford community. Saturday was the culmination of many years of study and ministry.

Anglicans, along with the Roman Catholic and Orthodox branches of the Christian faith, have four orders of ministry. The laity, called at their baptism, are empowered to continue the ministry of Jesus in the world according to their gifts and contexts. Deacons are ordained and called to a ministry of service. Some deacons are called to this order permanently and some are also called to priesthood. The priesthood is tasked with nurturing and teaching a gathered community. Bishops are the fourth order of ministry who are called to care for ministers and to teach the faith.

We are thankful for Rev Andy’s fun and fruitful ministry among us at Radford College.

A prayer for ministry from A Prayer Book for Australia

God our Shepherd,
in every generation you call
ministers of your word and sacraments.
Equip them to preach the gospel,
to care for your people
and to show forth the fruit of the Spirit in their lives;
in the name of Jesus our Saviour. Amen