Who We Are and Christmas

By Mr Andy Gordon, Interim Principal

We know that people need to feel safe and that they belong. We know people need to be confident in the things they are great at, and that it’s healthy for people to have skills or qualities they are working on. We also know that it’s important for young people to have inspiring, charismatic role models. Parents, teachers, older learners and younger learners model to others in all things, every day.

As we move into the Christmas break, it is important we "reflect, rest and reset" (Adam Fraser, The Third Space - 2023 Radford Celebration speaker) and think about the types of role models we are as adults.

We have room for improvement in creating a culture where everyone feels safe and has a sense of belonging. I believe this to be true for everyone at Radford - students, staff and families alike.

Culture, simply put, is the way we do things here. Climate is the environment created from culture. Our values of truth, compassion and wisdom rely on respect - respectful interactions, respectful responses and respectful actions. The words we speak or write are seldom neutral.

We have an explicit way of unpacking what respect means with the following: see, listen and act. More specifically: see again, listen deeply and act with kindness.

This is what is expected of our community - to live in truth, compassion and wisdom through respect. See again, listen deeply and act with kindness for the benefit of the relationships we have with ourselves, others, faith, teachers, students, family and our environment. This is the way we do things at Radford.

I am confident that out of the excellent schools in Canberra, you chose Radford because of its ability to provide an environment where whole, helpful and kind young people graduate with the best post-schooling opportunities.

At Christmas, we celebrate the miracle of love embracing humanity in a very real and tangible way. A belief that outside the realms of time and the physical, above and within the experiences we have in life, there is a higher purpose.

I can’t help but liken the miracle of Christmas with the miracle of education. To teach is to put others before ourselves, and to prepare our learners for a meaningful and purposeful life - one where miracles can happen. Maybe this helps us view how we measure learning, parenting, teaching and growth.

Take a look at how far you have come. Who knows what you could achieve next year?

Congratulations on a beautiful 2023 and we look forward to seeing again, listening deeply and acting with kindness in 2024.