Autumn Concert 2023

Our Autumn Concert was held in T.B. Millar Hall last Thursday, 11 May. Each of the following groups performed:

  • Precision Percussion
  • Songsters
  • Haydn String Orchestra
  • Gershwin Concert Band
  • Vox
  • Elgar Strings
  • Camerata
  • Corelli Chamber String Orchestra
  • Bernstein Symphonic Wind Orchestra

It was a wonderful evening of quality music at all levels!

Thank you to the conductors, accompanists and music managers who were involved, and to our music directors, performing arts prefects, music captains, and performing arts administration team for their work toward this event.

Why engage in Music at Radford?

Music is one of life’s great experiences. The time students spend rehearsing and performing together create memories that are often revisited many years in the future. There is something transformative about the process of music making that is a gift.

What's more, the cognitive and social and emotional development that students undergo has been proven to be invaluable for a balanced education. Research has proven the benefits to all areas of learning that musical studies have on a student’s brain. Increased attentiveness, executive function, empathy, and creativity have all been linked with students studying music. Similar findings have also been discovered when exploring decision-making in young adults.