Celebrating World Educators' Day

Celebrating World Educators' Day

By Ms Tracey Markovic, Assistant Head of Junior School Operations

Each year, World Teachers' Day recognises the importance of teachers in providing communities with quality education. At Radford, we have chosen to approach the day slightly differently. On 27 October, Radford College celebrated World Educators' Day. Our intention was to celebrate all the staff who work at our school. We acknowledge that every adult who works in the Radford community is an educator of our students. Our teachers, our classroom assistants, our grounds staff, our staff who work in admin areas and our canteen staff - everyone who works at Radford is part of our students' education, and we hope to show our thanks in a small way.

This year's theme was: The Transformation of Education Begins with Teachers. In the heart of every educational institution lies a community dedicated to shaping the minds and futures of our learners. The idea of a painted pot (or ‘elephant’ as the Year 3 students liked to call them so staff would be none the wiser as to what was going on) came about from the understanding that education is a joint effort between teachers and students. Every educator contributes to the intellectual, emotional, and personal growth of their students, enriching their lives in immeasurable ways. Similarly, students bring their unique perspectives, talents and energies to the classroom, creating vibrant and diverse learning environments. Each pot allows these two elements to come together, intertwining their efforts into a single masterpiece that mirrors the collaborative nature of learning.

In the months leading up to World Educators' Day, students from across Radford College worked together before school, at lunch times and after school to create a small token for every Radford staff member. Students from Radford Awareness and Service (RAS) in the Junior School; Radford Student Council; our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) students from Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS); Years 3 and 4; Year 10; Secondary School Prefects and Green Team all played a part in this project. From catching the bus to Bunnings to purchase the 325 pots to the endless hours undertaken preparing and painting the pots all over, the slower-paced detailed decorating, and finally planting the seedlings, students collaborated to create a beautifully painted pot that holds a flourishing plant.

The decision to gift a plant to each Radford staff member not only symbolises growth but also serves as a tangible reminder of the lasting impact that educators have on their students. The artwork on the pot, crafted by the students themselves, serves as a visual representation of the gratitude and respect they hold for their educators.

As a painted pot was carefully placed in the hands of each staff member last Friday, it served as a poignant reminder of the positive impact each one of them has on our students' lives. Just as the plant inside the pot will continue to grow and flourish, so too will the lessons and inspiration imparted by dedicated educators. This small gift will become a heartfelt gesture of gratitude and appreciation – a way for students to show their educators that their efforts are not only recognised but also cherished.