College Launches SEMP

The Sustainability Working Group is delighted to launch the School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP).

The document is a summary of the important work the group has been engaged in behind the scenes over the past two years.

Not only does the plan frame the College’s governance around sustainability, but it also consolidates the different measures implemented at Radford over the past two years.

Examples of the actions covered in SEMP include:

  • Including sustainability in different parts of curriculum.
  • Installing solar panels on all buildings.
  • Rolling out recycling bins across the College.
  • Using rainwater for watering when possible.
  • Engaging with environmentally responsible vendors.
  • Creating the Sustainability Working Group and regularly reporting to the Board.

It has been a busy year for the Sustainability Working Group, meeting several times to develop key documents to guide the SEMP and the College community.

“Sustainability is one of the College’s strategic objectives. Radford aims to embrace it as part of our governance structure but also to put some tangible actions in place,” said Director of Finance, Ms Agnes Kopras-Ianson.

The College established the Sustainability Working Group in 2020 to act as the governance body with oversight of the development and implementation of sustainability initiatives across all areas of the College (including all entities). The group's work commenced with the commissioning of a sustainability audit.

The group's objective is to provide leadership, coordination and guidance to the College on the integration of sustainability principles and practices throughout the College’s core governance, teaching and learning, and operational activities. Its membership was strengthened this year with the addition of Sustainability Captains Josephine Truswell and Olivia Wang, both in Year 12.