Youth Dance Fest: Bread and Circus

By Ms Danielle White, Performing Arts Dance Teacher

On Wednesday, 18 October, more than 40 students from Years 7-12 headed to Canberra Theatre for the day to participate in the Youth Dance Fest 'Bread and Circus’. Another 30 Year 9 students were involved in creating two dance films that became the feature film to open the show on both performance nights. The first Year 9 curriculum dance class devised and choreographed a moving assessment piece about self-expression that brought many to tears.

Congratulations to the choreographers and Dance Fest Captains: Madeline Nguyen, Izzy Rankin, Audrey O’Rourke, Sacha Zerger and Kaitlyn Quade, who put countless hours and effort into creating fun and exciting routines that represented Radford College beautifully at the theatre. The dancers are to be commended for their commitment to rehearsals and performance.

A big thank you to Ms Maddie Jarosz and Mrs Jane Lilley for accompanying the students for the day. Radford College has been involved in Dance Fest for more than 30 years, and we look forward to continuing our involvement for years to come. The festival provides a wonderfully inclusive opportunity for our students to be involved in choreography and dance performance, regardless of ability or experience.