From the Chair

From the Chair

By Mrs Vicki Williams, Chair of the Radford College Board

I am pleased to update you on some of the areas of discussion at the Board’s Annual Retreat in August.

The Board took its first steps in moving towards the development of our next Strategic Plan. Our current Strategic Plan runs until 2025. Planning is starting now to gain an understanding of the education landscape to inform where the priorities for our school will be in the next five to ten years. Importantly, the Strategic Plan needs to be updated to inform the next stage of what our campus needs to meet future education needs, as well as the investment needed to update some of our current facilities. There will be more on this in future communications as we involve our broader community in this important piece of work.

As we complete our new Collegians' Centre, it is important that we maximise the access and finish off the presentation of the northern part of the campus. We reviewed the designs at the retreat, and I am pleased to announce that the Board agreed to proceed with the final stages of the Sports Precinct, which will include the establishment of a feature pedestrian entrance and a path from College Street up to the Collegians' Centre, improving access from College St and reducing traffic flow onto campus. A shelter, seating, and lighting will be built on the area closest to College St and the path will be bordered by an avenue of trees. The Board looks forward to working with the Radford Foundation on this project.

One of the most fascinating topics at the retreat was the future of digital learning, especially the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by students, teachers, and other staff. We know that with the introduction of the AI tool ChatGPT late last year, the education sector started grappling with questions around its impact, especially on assessment. We were provided with an exceptional report from our Director of Digital Learning and Innovation, Ms Lisa Plenty, demonstrating that AI will continue to develop rapidly, and we must be nimble in responding to its opportunities but also its challenges.

Furthermore, the retreat was a great opportunity to take a high-level strategic view of our future. I know all the Board Members and senior staff who attended walked away with a fresh perspective on ways to improve the educational opportunities we offer our students and the operations of our campus. The Board and school management look forward to working with you, our community, as we shape the next phase of our school strategy.

You will have seen my announcement that our Principal, Fiona Godfrey OAM, has resigned to address a health matter and look after her well-being. As a community, we should be very grateful for the nearly ten years that Fiona gave to Radford, and I wish her well in her recovery. Early next term, I will provide the community with a detailed acknowledgment of the wonderful achievements Fiona has had whilst at Radford as a deserved tribute to her service.

As we finish Term 3 and move into our final term for the year, I wish you all a safe and relaxing break and thank you again for choosing Radford and for being a part of our community.