Girls on Track Workshop

By Dinugi, Venya and Sophie, Year 6

On Thursday, 9 March, 15 girls from Year 6 were given the chance to go to a workshop called Girls on Track (GOT). GOT is run by Motorsport Australia and gives girls the chance to learn about motorsport, racing, cars and careers in a STEM-related field.

First, we hopped on the bus and made our way to the workshop. There were a range of different activities that we participated in during the experience. We rolled a tyre around a track to practise the safety of moving tyres. We practised pit stops - we were timed while taking tyres off a small model car, we experienced a driving simulator and we went on a tour of the workshop.

The driving simulator was very enjoyable because we got to feel how it would behind the wheel of a real car. One of the highlights was that we got to sit in one of the race cars. Next, we did a STEM activity. We were able to make electric Lego cars and code them to move and stop when there was a roadblock. The last thing we got to do was practise pretending to be news reporters on a racing channel.

Overall, it was a great experience! We can guarantee that all the girls had heaps of fun and learned a lot.