Head of the River Regattas

The Radford Rowing Program completed the general 2022/23 rowing season with outstanding performances at the 2023 Schoolboy and Schoolgirl Head of the River Regattas over the weekend. The Head of River Regattas is the pinnacle rowing event for schools and is where the whole Radford Rowing Shed (100+ students) compete.

Girls Shed Results

Radford’s female crews (including some male coxes) took to the water very early on Saturday morning to try to beat the oncoming heat wave.

  • Three Silver Medals:
    - Year 10 Second Coxed Quad (Sophie Freemantle, Bonnie Hardy, Audrey Potter, Jessi Palframan and Charlotte Joyce)
    - Year 8 Double (Catherine Austin and Kate Kristiansen)
    - Schoolgirl First Coxed Quad (Hannah Sampson, Chloe Miller, Zoe Macintosh, Zoe Hickey and Stuart Ward)
  • One Bronze Medal:
    - Schoolgirl First Year 10 Coxed Quad (Amber Smith, Coco Guenther, Zara Turner, Amelie Brennan and Jude Barlin)
  • Ninth on the Junior Pointscore (Year 8-9)
  • Second on the Senior Pointscore (Year 10-12)
  • Ninth on the Overall Pointscore

Boys Shed Results

Boys Head of the River Regattas Team.

Radford’s male crews (including some female coxes) also needed to rise early due to the 40-degree temperatures that were expected.

  • Four Gold Medals:
    - Year 10 Double (Hamish Whithear and Josh Miller)
    - Schoolboy Third Coxed Quad (Finn Robinson, David Gray, Curtis Garrett, Rohan White and Sammy Fejer)
    - Schoolboy First Coxed Quad (Hunter Jolly, Jake Schemen-Rogers, Hamish Roberts, Oliver Fox and Izzy Faris)
    - Schoolboy Single (Hamish Gaden)
  • Three Silver Medals:
    - Schoolboy Third Coxed Quad (Sam Austin, Joshua Orr, Joe Martin, Marley Buchanan and Charles Kendall)
    - Schoolboy Second Coxed Quad (Noah Vosen, Angus Scott, Connor Malouf, Hamish McKee and Pippa Humphries)
    - Year 8 Double (Charles Kendall and Andrew Ren)
  • Two Bronze Medals:
    - Year 9 Single (Lincoln Uren)
    - Schoolboy Single (Marcus Ward)

The Radford male program finished third on the Overall Pointscore.

A special mention to our Year 12 rowers – the 2023 Schoolboy and Schoolgirl Head of the River Regattas marks their final regatta in the Radford colours:

  • Sian Fitzgerald
  • Zoe Macintosh
  • Hannah Sampson
  • Edana Hosking
  • Oliver Fox
  • Curtis Garrett
  • Hunter Jolly
  • Hamish Roberts
  • Jake Schemen-Rogers

It was great to see everyone compete with such enthusiasm and tenacity and, as a result, achieve some super results and medals over the weekend. All regattas involved a huge amount of logistics, including boats, transport and catering. Thank you to all who competed, coached and supported our teams' efforts across the two days.