In profile: Dianne Rose

Dianne Rose

What do you like best about your current role?

My favourite part is helping all of the students, teachers and the occasional parent that comes in! Everyone comes in needing something different, so it never gets repetitive.

Radford has by far been my favourite school to work at and I’m thankful to be a part of the LIS team!

Can you tell us more about your role?

My official title is Bookroom Manager and I do a little bit of everything – it’s four jobs rolled into one: bulk printing, stationery management, bus bookings for excursions and all things textbook – ordering, issuing, cleaning and maintaining. Removing foreign objects from returned textbooks, including small dead spiders and blu tack and, using my nose to identify the unusual smell I have found – not something I would recommend but it needs to be done. There are a lot of little odd jobs I get to do in and around the rest of my work too.

At the end of Semester 1 was busy printing exams for our students and art show brochures, too.

What did you do before joining the Radford community?

I have worked right through the public education system as an early childhood educator and then front office staff, librarian, student services and food tech assistant (not all at once!) I’ve worked in primary, secondary and colleges across the ACT. I finished up as a primary school librarian to join the awesome Radford library team!

According to Jamee, my 25-year-old daughter: “You’re an all-round office hero, Mum!”

What do you enjoy outside of Radford?

I enjoy riding my bike, swimming and going for walks. I try to get out and about with my daughter to catch up and do what I love.

If you can’t find me in the Bookroom, you can probably catch me walking around the P&F Oval having a stretch and a quick break.

Dianne Rose-photocopying

Dianne Rose-stationery