JS News: 6 Oct 2021

By Andy Gordon, Deputy Principal Head of Junior School

Dear Junior School Families,

Welcome back for Term 4.

We trust the new term has started with, as close as possible, the excitement and energy that abounds in classrooms as a new term begins and everyone shares about their holiday experiences and ways they have grown. It is helpful that we have the surety of our return dates for face-to-face learning. We are conscious of all that Term 4 normally entails and we will journey through this together as we also make plans for 2022. It is important that students return to learning in the classroom and preparation is well under way to ensure experiences and routines return in safe ways.

Some parents have asked if remote learning could continue as an opt-in. Consistent with the ACT Directorate, all Radford College students will return to face-to-face learning, at school, on the advised roadmap dates. Students with documented vulnerabilities, where a medical practitioner determines that reasonable adjustments cannot be made at school, will have approved and supported leave. We thank you for your support in this.

We want to share with you this inspiring reflection and action from one of our students, Elsie Osborne, from 4BF. There are some photos at the bottom of this article too.

Dear Mr Gordon, Ms Mahar and Mr Ferrington,

I wanted to share with you that I have been running over the holidays. I started running because I wasn’t feeling very happy and my mummy suggested that running might help because it is something that I like. So, throughout the time we found out there was a fundraising thing called My Marathon where you could walk or run 42km in any time period. I ran it in two weeks. I decided to run 2–3km a day then changed it to 2–5km a day. Then you put it up and people will donate you money. So I decided that I would put my name in to achieve this goal and raise money for the Heart Foundation. I raised over $1000. I really enjoyed running and I am going to set another goal to do during home learning to keep me positive about life.

It was great to set a goal and help others. Now I feel better too.

From Elsie

We are looking forward to an amazing term of learning. Though it will start online, we will see our learners flourish and grow through creative and purposeful ways.

Andy Gordon

Elsie Osborne
Elsie Osborne found she felt happier through running and fundraising