Kindergarten Kids Pantry Incursion

By Miss Melinda Hamilton, Teacher

On Thursday, all Kindergarten classes enjoyed an incursion with Kids Pantry to help them explore healthy food choices in more depth as part of our Who We Are investigations.

The students loved creating apple donuts with a layer of Greek yoghurt and some banana and cranberries on top. They also added a sprinkle of coconut and a drizzle of pure maple syrup. They learnt how to use a knife safely when chopping and were given creative freedom with decorating their apple donut.

You can view the recipe here if you wish to make this treat at home.

It was fantastic to learn more about healthy foods, especially all the green fruits and vegetables that are so good for us.

All Kindergarteners were risktakers, with many trying some of these foods for the very first time! The flavour combination was enjoyed by most students, with the sweet and tart ingredients contrasting in a delicious way.

Student reflections:

"That was so yummy, can we make another one?" – Oscar.

"I have never had coconut before. It was delicious" – Olivia.

"I loved making the apple donut as it was fun and so good to eat" – Randall.

"Green foods are really healthy and make your body strong" – Asher.

"It was just so delicious. I really want another one" – Ava.

"First I thought the cranberries were grapes because they were red too. It was yummy!" - Billie.