Kindergarten Transport Excursions

By Miss Melinda Hamilton, Teacher

Kindergarten students are learning about How We Organise Ourselves and exploring different systems for moving from here to there in Canberra. In order to find out more about ways we can move around Canberra, students set out on a full-day excursion.

First, we rode in the Radford bus to Bungendore and then explored the train station. We then rode the XPT train back to Canberra. We ate our morning tea from our reclining chairs as the countryside passed by. Going through the three dark tunnels was fun!

After we arrived in Canberra, we had a quick lunch stop at the Boundless Playground, before continuing on the journey to the light rail depot in Mitchell. Here we climbed aboard a light rail train and got to test out all the seats, including the driver's! Then we headed to the end of the light rail service in Gungahlin and boarded the tram to experience the light rail moving smoothly on the tracks. We went all the way to Swindon Street, where we got off and climbed back onto the Radford bus to head back to school.

Students were very tired after all their travels but enjoyed a wonderful opportunity to learn about transport systems in Canberra.

Student reflections

"The best bit was driving the tram. I got to push the button and make the horn toot" - Hugo.

"On the train I got to sleep as my chair went right back!" - Billie.

"It was so fun when we went through the tunnels. One was medium, one was short, and one was really, really long" - Chloe.

"At the light rail we got to see the special wheels and sit in the driver's seat" - Randall.

"The whole day was lots of fun because my Mum came too!" - Emily.