Meet College Historian Mrs Annette Carter

Mrs Carter loves gardening and has appeared in professional operas!

What do you like best about your current role?

I like how forward-thinking Radford College is to employ a historian. Some people might think that 40 years isn’t that old, but a lot of information can be lost in 40 years - a lot of oral history can be lost in that time. It’s exciting to be employed at such an early stage in Radford’s life to record, document, and display the history and work towards preserving more in the future.

Can you tell us about your role and current projects?

I work in the communications team alongside Mick Bunworth and Hannah Sparks, as the role involves a lot of forward-facing engagement. Initially, I’ll be working towards commemorative projects for the 40th anniversary, and I have other projects that I’ll be working on in the background, such as creating a museum database and doing further research into Radford’s history.

What did you do before joining the Radford community?

I was the Exhibitions Coordinator for the University of New South Wales, so I looked after their collection and the exhibition space leased in Old Parliament House. Prior to that, I worked at the Australian War Memorial, Imperial War Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum and a 1640s Town Hall in rural Shropshire, England.

What do you enjoy outside Radford?

Gardening. I’m even thinking of doing an evening course in horticulture. I’ve just propagated a beautiful climbing rose that was growing on the side of the road. I live outside of Canberra, so certainly have the space for plenty of gardening projects (and plants!).

Anything else interesting you might like to add?

I’ve been singing since I was a teenager and appeared in a few professional operas. Above all, I am excited to have the opportunity to work at Radford and to be able to share Radford’s history and stories with a wider audience.