Nexus launch – update #3

This article is the latest in a series of Nexus updates during 2021, including the last two Bulletins.

Term 3, Week 9
Term 4, Week 1

Explore Nexus

This week we’ll take a quick look inside Nexus and tour some of the main pages you’ll be using.

Nexus dashboard
Nexus dashboard

The dashboard

Once logged in, users will be taken to their personalised dashboard. Here you will find:


This tab gives you an overview of activity within Nexus as relevant to your child/ren.

You will receive notifications whenever new information is added to your account such as an item in the news feed.



The news feed will be the central repository for transactional news relevant to your child/ren’s year group.

Items requiring action will be marked with the ‘Action Required’ image, as shown below.

The Bulletin will continue but with a focus on celebratory news and whole-of-community communications. A forthcoming separate article will explore the news feed and changes to the Bulletin in more detail.

Nexus News Feed screenshot


Parents and caregivers will have each child listed on the dashboard with the ability to access their timetables and calendars. Past and present academic reports will be available soon.

Nexus My Students screenshot

QUICK LINKS and Co-Curricular information

The Nexus dashboard includes a host of key information relevant to your child/ren.

The ‘QUICK LINKS’ regularly used by parents and caregivers have been moved from the College website into Nexus, and can be accessed by clicking on the icons for:

  • Canteen
  • Wellbeing
  • OSHC
  • Term Dates
  • Uniform
  • Update Details

You will find a link to the Co-Curricular page in the left-hand toolbar and can explore the College’s offerings in Clubs & Interest Groups, Drama & Dance, Music, Service Learning, Sport and Round Square (also accessible via infographic icons on the Co-Curricular page).

Nexus Co-Curricular and QUICK LINKS screenshot
Co-Curricular and QUICK LINKS

More comprehensive co-curricular features will be available through the Nexus app.