Students salute healthcare heroes

By Jason Golding, Head of English

This term in English, Year 7 students have been studying and writing poetry. They have learned about a range of poetic forms and techniques including haiku, cinquain, free verse, sonnets and odes.

In the final week of term, Ms Ridge’s class wrote poems thanking ACT Health staff for everything they are doing to keep our community safe. We sent our poems to ACT Health where they were read by healthcare workers and the ACT Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerryn Coleman.

Dr Coleman read one poem at the weekend press conference as part of her shoutout to ACT school children and thanked the whole class for their work.

ACT Health also shared three of the poems on their social media, shown below, where they were seen and liked by hundreds of Canberrans.

Congratulations to all the students who wrote poems!

Read the poems here.

View Dr Coleman's shoutout.

ACT Health social media 1
ACT Health social media - screenshot 1

ACT Health social media 2
ACT Health social media - screenshot 2