Piano Ensembles Concert

By Mrs Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-Curricular Music and Director of Strings

It was a pleasure to have piano students in Years 3-6 participate in the second Piano Ensembles Concert, held in R.A. Young Hall on Tuesday, 24 October.

It was a lovely evening of ensemble music by students in Chopsticks (Years 3-4) and Sonny Chua (Years 5-6) piano ensembles, ranging from piano duets to full ensemble works for tuned percussion and multiple pianos arranged by Radford Piano Tutor and Piano Ensembles Conductor, Mrs Cate Turnbull.

Madeleine Luu (Year 6) and Dinugi Dissanayake (Year 6) kicked off the concert with their duet performance of Tarantella Brilliante. Eloise Collingwood (Year 5) and Sivaanii Sivabalan’s (Year 5) performance of Canyon Sunset was a fine display of ensemble skills and musicality.

Well done to all the young pianists in the school who performed, as well as group managers, Mr Ross Bristow and Ms Emily Begbie, for their ongoing support. Special thanks to Mrs Turnbull for building these piano ensembles from the ground up and putting together such a diverse program for the night.