Holiday Must-See: Pirates of Penzance

Congratulations to Radford students Connor Dugard (Year 7), Megan Espeland (Year 7) and Ruby Lind (Year 9) who are set to showcase their talent in Child Players ACT's production of the Pirates of Penzance during the upcoming school holidays.

These dedicated students have been rehearsing twice a week throughout Term 3 in preparation for their roles in the show. With a cast of 26 youth aged ten to 22, Connor, Megan, and Ruby will be taking on various characters in the performance. One of the highlights is Connor's portrayal of the Major General. He was invited to participate in a media call with Child Players ACT for 'International Talk Like a Pirate Day' last Tuesday.

“I have done a few shows with this company. This is my third," said Connor. "I got one of the biggest roles in the show, so it has been a very busy few months. I’m very excited about the show. It is going to be very fun.“

The Pirates of Penzance play follows the story of Frederic, a young man apprenticed to the Pirate King, who longs to lead an honest life. On his 21st birthday, Frederic is freed from his pirate indentures. Along his journey in the free world, he encounters a group of beautiful maidens, including Mabel, whom he falls in love with. However, an unexpected revelation throws a wrench in his plans. Frederic discovers that due to being born on 29 February, he has technically only had five birthdays and must return to the pirates until he reaches 21-years-old. Despite the challenges, Mabel agrees to wait for him for another 63 years!

This production promises to be an entertaining and engaging experience for audiences of all ages. The show aims to bring people together through song, hilarity, and fun. Whether young or young at heart, everyone will leave the theatre with a desire to talk - and sing - like a pirate.

Tickets for the Pirates of Penzance are now available to purchase. The show opens on Friday, 22 September at Belconnen Community Theatre and runs until Friday, 29 September. Secure your tickets now through TryBooking Australia.