PK-1 Athletics Carnival 2023

By Mrs Faye Robertson, Junior School HPE Teacher and Sports Program Manager

Recently, the Junior School held its annual Pre-Kindergarten-to-Year-1 Athletics Carnival.

The sunshine beamed down on the J.A. Mackinnon Oval while our smallest people took to the 50-metre grass track with vigour and commitment. Students had been practising their sprint starts, reaction times and running techniques in their physical education (PE) lessons. Their large efforts were evident as they tore down the track while fellow House friends cheered them on.

Parents, families, and friends cheered equally as loud from the opposite side of the track, eager to have a taste of friendly competition in the hotly contested parent, friends and teacher race. With a sneaky little head start, Mr Martin won the teacher race for 2023!

House chants, community spirit and smiling faces were the consistent themes for the remainder of the Carnival as students completed their jumping, throwing and running activities.

The 2023 PK-1 Athletics Carnival was a huge success, with excellent participation by all students involved. Thank you to all the Year 9 and 10 service-learning students who supported the event, as well as the Junior School PE team and sports team for organising such a wonderful, celebratory community day for our little people.