Radford Theatre Company presents …

By Nick Akhurst, Head of Co‑curricular Drama, Dance and Oratory

There has been a challenging lead-up to the performance of this year’s Senior Drama production. The cast and crew have been busy working with online rehearsals and COVID-safe construction to get ready for an audience. It truly demonstrates the talents and resilience of the students and staff in making sure the show will go on.

Due to restrictions, we are only able to stream the performance. We hope you will jump online and join us in watching this humorous production – a hilarious spoof of Agatha Christie-like melodramas. Feuding theatre critics Moon and Birdboot, the first a fusty philanderer and the second a pompous and vindictive second stringer, are swept into the whodunnit they are viewing.

The show will be streaming from 7pm on Wednesday 27 October, Thursday 28 October, Friday 29 October and Saturday 30 October.

Tickets are $15 and available now at www.trybooking.com/BUPYQ