Resources for Managing Autism

By Ms Gretel Burgess, Counsellor (Social Worker)

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD, also termed autism) is a persistent developmental disorder. Some symptoms include repetitive patterns of behaviour, difficulty in social interactions, restricted and/or impaired communication skills. However, these may not be recognised until later when social demands, such as those related to schooling, become greater.

For parents and families, meeting the complex needs of a child or young person with ASD can be extremely stressful and feel isolating at times. The well-being team has found some resources that provide free online sessions to help parents connect with other families experiencing similar situations and share strategies that work for them. For any further questions or resources, please contact the counselling team at

Parent support & encouragement nights – FREE

Join us for an evening of connection, support and encouragement on Zoom (from the comfort of your lounge room). Your choice of the last Tuesday or last Thursday of each month.

Learn from parents sharing their experiences and strategies as they raise amazing kids and teens with autism in these 60-minute sessions.

Real parent interviews give you valuable insights into strategies that are working for families like yours.

Upcoming topics:

  • September - friendship skills and more.
  • October - handling school and more.
  • November - “therapies” – what works and doesn’t – swapping contacts and more.
  • December - break.
  • January - starting the school year well and more.

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