Round Square International Conference

By Mr Brad Cooney, Deputy Principal and Head of Secondary School

Ms Kath Notley and I accompanied a group of eight Radford College students on a transformational educational journey to Kenya for the 55th Round Square International Conference. The purpose of the trip was to gain a deeper understanding of Kenyan culture, history, and wildlife. The trip lasted two weeks, from 1-14 October 2023, and was organised by Ms Notley as our Round Square Coordinator. We had the privilege of visiting various cities and experiencing the rich tapestry of Kenya's traditions, landscapes, and people.

A particular highlight of the trip for our students was visiting Maasai Mara, a world-renowned wildlife reserve. Our students embarked on several safari tours and witnessed a huge array of animals in their natural habitat. Our students spent time in a Maasai village, gaining incredible insights into the traditions and way of life for the Maasai people.

The student trip to Kenya was a transformative experience. It not only enriched our knowledge of Kenyan culture, history, and wildlife, but also broadened our perspectives on global issues. We returned home with a deeper appreciation for the diversity and beauty of Kenya, a greater awareness of the challenges it faces, and a renewed commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Round Square as a member school, Ms Notley, tour guides, and the people of Kenya for making this journey possible. This educational adventure will remain etched in our memories forever, and its lessons will guide us in our pursuit of a better world.