'Ways to Speak Your Truth'

By Ariadna Iskhakova, Year 8

Hi, my name is Ariadna, and I am a student in Year 8 who was lucky enough to participate in the International Round Square Postcard. This event was a zoom meeting with 120 students from eight different countries, all discussing the topic of 'Ways to Speak Your Truth'.

In the online conference, we began with an introduction from the hosts, followed by an interesting presentation from Nadia Khan, CEO of the Nadia Khan Clothing Company. She told us about her developing fashion business and taught us that motivation is key to life success.

Later we were split into seven barazas/Zoom groups, in which we started with some 'get to know you' games and talked about our opinions on truth and what it means to speak your truth. I was in Baraza Four, and our question was, “What does your truth mean to you?” During the 30 minutes in our barazas, my group was able to make a presentation answering the question, which I got to share later with the rest of the conference members.

While representing Baraza Four, I talked about what truth means to us. The answer is that a person’s truth is a reflection of themself. Truth means everything to us, even though you don't always know it. Your truth is anything you want it to be, and you can speak it by expressing yourself in any way you want.

Overall, the experience was amazing, and I am really looking forward to more Round Square Conferences, more opportunities to express my opinions, and more chances to talk about such fascinating topics with people around the world.