RSC Continues Its Waste-Free Message

By Miss Melinda Hamilton, Radford Student Council (RSC) Teacher

The RSC (formerly the Radford Tribal Council) has formed for 2023 and has many ideas to bring around action and improve the Junior School. The students serving on the RSC this year are:

2023 RSC
Year 1 - Florence Chen
Year 1 - Aaron Zhang
Year 1 - Cyrus Chen
Year 1 - Amelia Calvert
Year 2 - Anastasia Ligeros
Year 2 - Roman Dankiw
Year 2 - Daphne Fan
Year 2 - Miriam McDonald
Year 3 - Edward Zhang
Year 3 - Alvina Feng
Year 3 - Sahaja Sudham
Year 3 - Josephine Merenda
Year 3 - Ethan Glavonjic
Year 4 - Hamish Growder
Year 4 - Daksh Sharma
Year 4 - Ethan Ng
Year 4 - Emma Treloar
Year 4 - Sophia Buttsworth
Year 5 - Aryan Gupta
Year 5 - Zoe Casson
Year 5 - Ashley Barber
Year 5 - Karen Xie
Year 5 - Lexi Ritchie
Year 6 - Isaac O'Brien
Year 6 - Elena Rock
Year 6 - Hannah Bettison
Year 6 - Syd Leah
Year 6 - Vennela Gudipalli

A major project on the RSC agenda is continuing the Waste Free initiative that started years ago. Radford Junior School is now waste free every day because it is good for the environment.

To help encourage and celebrate the amazing waste-free efforts across the Junior School, starting in Term 2, the RSC will run an incentive program in which students earn a stamp each day they are waste free at school. When they have ten stamps, their Waste Free ticket goes into a prize draw at our fortnightly Celebration.

So, for those people who are already waste free every day, we look forward to celebrating this with you next term. For those who aren’t yet, we encourage you to start good habits next term - keep an eye on our tips throughout the year!