Meals from the Heart

By Ms Kath Notley, Acting Director of Service Learning

Meals from the Heart is a volunteering program that provides families staying at Ronald McDonald House, located inside the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, with a home-cooked meal twice per week.

Families staying at the house are often exhausted and emotionally drained, and the situation rarely leaves them with the time, funds or energy to cook a fresh meal.

Last Friday afternoon, five Radford staff headed to the house and created a Mexican feast of tacos and burritos, finishing with a decadent dessert of fruity pavlova nests. It was a rewarding experience for the staff involved and they valued the opportunity to provide this service to members of the wider ACT region.

This is the first time Radford staff have been involved with this initiative, and we are aiming to make this a monthly opportunity for staff service based on the recent success.