Sports Report: 1 November

European Handball

Congratulations to Anna Berge (Year 11), who recently competed for Australia in the under 19s for the International Handball Federation (IHF) Trophy Oceania. The team finished fourth, only losing to New Caledonia (the winning team) by one goal.

Water Polo

By Carys Hodgkinson, Year 8

With summer quickly approaching, the water polo season is back in full swing. Last Saturday, our under 16 Radford girls' team played an incredible game against the Vikings. We had a few players missing but were lucky enough to have some girls from our training sessions with Nordek help out.

The game was a tight one, but with effort and determination, we managed to maintain our one-point lead and triumphed with a nail-bitingly close score of 7-6. Phoebe Fox did a fantastic job in goal and kept the Vikings' score low. A new addition to the team, Ava Rath, also showed promising talent as goalie for the second half. Stella Layton was exceptional at sticking to her player, and I tried my best in attack to work with my teammates and get the ball in the goal. Svara Kelkar swam tirelessly up and down the field, trying to obtain the ball when we didn't have it and helping out when we did.

Well done to all the girls who played. Everyone put in a phenomenal amount of work and should be proud of the outcome. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to keeping our water polo team up and running, especially our wonderful coach Kate Daly.

Become a Ball Kid

Tennis ACT is seeking expressions of interest for ball kids aged 12-18 at Canberra International 2024. This is a wonderful opportunity for ball kids to experience Canberra International, which will be held at the Canberra Tennis Centre from 31 December to 6 January.

The expression of interest form can be accessed here.