Showcasing Engineering Skills

By Mr Dale Casburn, Head of Student Pathways (Careers Counsellor)

In the latest instalment of the annual Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) Advanced Construction and Engineering Bridge Challenge, students from Years 10 and 11 from Canberra schools showcased their skills and innovation. Organised by CIT's Building Construction Team, the event held on 22 September emphasised the development of engineering, construction, and STEM skills among ACT schools.

The objective of the Bridge Challenge was clear: student teams were tasked with designing and constructing the sturdiest suspension bridge capable of bearing a load. These bridges were rigorously tested in time-trialled heats against counterparts from rival schools. The challenge not only encouraged healthy competition, but also aimed to provide students with positive exposure to the intricacies of engineering and construction, enhancing their understanding and proficiency in engineering and building principles.

Testing the weight of the bridge at CIT.

This year, a total of 17 teams participated in the competition. The accolades were distributed across various categories, and of the five awards, Radford's Team Roebling, including Kalea Ford, Mia Archibald and Chloe Miller from Year 11, took out the Maximum Load award with a new record weight of 230.5 kilograms - almost double the previous record. Team Roebling also took out the award for Overall Champions. A special mention to Team Brunel, Lachie Williams, Max van de Loo and Xavier Pauza from Year 11, who would also beat the previous record with a bridge holding maximum load of 150 kg.

Considering the bridges weigh around 1 kg and are limited to strict design rules and material limits, this was very impressive.