The Return of Sister-School Exchanges

By Michele Sharp, Head of Languages

On Monday, we celebrated the return of sister-school exchanges by welcoming 20 students and two teachers from Konko Gakuen in Okayama, Japan.

This is Konko Gakuen’s third visit to Radford, and they are being hosted by Year 10 Japanese students and their families.

Sixteen students from the current Year 10 class will then travel to Okayama later this year for a reciprocal visit - our fourth to Konko Gakuen - as part of our Japanese Study Tour program.

During their time at Radford, the visiting students will experience normal school life, undertake excursions to see Australian animals, as well as some special lessons.

These sister-school programs, and our wider languages exchange programs, provide our students with an excellent opportunity to contextualise the learning undertaken during lessons.

It is with the kind support of our families and staff that we are able to offer these programs.

ようこそ (youkoso - welcome) Konko Gakuen!