We Grow and Work Together

By Ms Pip Buining, Teacher

In Kindergarten arts (music, drama, dance and visual arts), we are exploring the notion that we are all creative in different ways.

As all the Kindergarten classes this year are named after native Australian animals, we decided to use this as a provocation for our learning in the arts and through the arts, engaging in cross-curriculum learning while promoting growth in students’ general capabilities and character strengths.

The Wise Wallabies (KMH), Principled Possums (KSD), Curious Quokkas (KJG) and Balanced Bilbies (KKB) explored their connections to and observations of their animals, who all dwell in and around trees, and the role and function of the leaves on a tree. Students observed that the leaves all grow and work together to provide shelter for their animals. Each student then applied their creativity and created a unique leaf, with the intention of making a tree as a safe shelter for their class animals.

Many thanks to the talented Ms Chatterton for creating the trunk and branches for our leaves to hang from and for creating the display. The collaborative artwork is hung in the Kindergarten Inquiry Space and is aptly titled, We Grow and Work Together.