Work Experience and ASBA Database

By Mr Dale Casburn, Head of Student Pathways (Careers Counsellor)

The College is seeking expressions of interest from community members to assist students in securing:

  • A work experience placement; and/or
  • A traineeship/apprenticeship as part of the Australian School-Based Apprenticeship (ASBA) program.

We intend to populate a database of community contacts interested in potentially accepting students for one of these placement types. As students seek a placement, the College would reach out to relevant contacts on this database, who can accept or refuse each time, depending on their circumstances.

Work experience

Students in Years 10–12 have the option to carry out an unpaid work experience placement.

Placements take place during school holidays and range in length between three and ten days – a full working week is common.

Placements can be in any industry, and the process is not time-consuming for the provider in terms of admin - the College is here to support you. Students are fully covered by the College’s insurance while on placement.

Australian School-Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs)

Year 11 and 12 students who opt to study a BSSS Accredited Package can take up an ASBA as part of their subject load.

ASBAs are commonly undertaken in a range of industries, including business, real estate, construction and automotive trades, fitness, hospitality and more, and offer students hands-on industry experience and the ability to work towards or complete a nationally recognised qualification while remaining at school part-time.

Depending on the qualification sought, students are required to work between eight and 12 hours per week.

Employers may be eligible to receive incentive payments under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program. In 2023, students are seeking ASBAs in carpentry, electrical and fitness.

Find out more about Australian School-Based Apprenticeships.

If you own or run a business and think you could offer a student a work experience or ASBA placement in future, we’d love to hear from you. Please email me at