Year 3 Camp Reflection

Year 3 Camp Reflection

By Ms Tracey Markovic, Assistant Head of Junior School Operations

After months of planning and anticipation, last week, our Year 3 students accompanied by Junior School staff, headed off to Camp Cottermouth for their first Radford camping experience.

The camp was a remarkable journey that allowed our students to embody the principles of the International Baccalaureate's Primary Years Programme (PYP) Learner Profile while also drawing on and building upon their Character Strengths. Through the various camp experiences, such as mountain biking, hiking, and environmental education, our students had the opportunity to grow as principled, open-minded, and compassionate individuals while honing their Character Strengths of bravery, curiosity and teamwork.

Students had opportunities to be:

Inquirers: Hiking through the undulating trails and along the river's edge encouraged our students to be inquirers. They asked questions, observed the environment, and gained a deeper understanding of the natural world.

Open-minded: Mountain biking, with its challenges and moments of triumph, reinforced our students' resilience. They encountered obstacles and learned to persevere. This experience encouraged students to be risk-takers, embracing the excitement of this camp activity while developing confidence and determination.

Balanced and reflective: Throughout the camp, students were encouraged to reflect on their actions and experiences.

Caring: Our students participated in various environmental education activities, connecting with nature and learning to appreciate its importance. This not only nurtured their love of the environment, but also strengthened their caring nature. Students also had the opportunity to show their caring nature in their working groups and tent groups. Knowing that everyone was united in the camping experience created a strong bond between all working group members.

Year 3 Camp proved to be a fantastic platform for nurturing our students' holistic development. While displaying many of the PYP Learner Profile traits, students also demonstrated character strengths such as resilience, empathy, curiosity, and integrity. These strengths are integral to our well-being and play a profound role in enriching the experiences of our young campers. The camp was not just a fun adventure, but also a transformative experience that reinforced the values and skills we hold dear in our educational journey.

Mother Nature managed to share all four seasons over the two days of camp. It was as if she wanted to treat our students to a full range of weather experiences. From the warmth of summer to the stormy rain of winter, our campers encountered a true meteorological adventure. Through all these weather fluctuations, our Year 3 students and staff exemplified the essence of resilience. They showed a steadfast determination to make the most of each moment, regardless of the weather's mood swings.

An enormous thank you must go to all the Junior School staff, Year 9 mentors and Mr Dylan Mordike, who attended the camp. Everyone’s presence and enthusiasm made this outdoor adventure an unforgettable experience for our young learners.

Three quick questions – from the voice of some Year 3 campers

What was the weather like on the first day of camp?

  • It was soooooo hot, then turned cold!
  • It was rainy and stormy for a little while.
  • Absolutely horrible!
  • It was windy!
  • It was terrifying for a little while.
  • It was iluvioso (Spanish for rainy)!

What is one thing you are looking forward to about camp?

  • Sleeping with my friends in a tent.
  • Being able to sleep away from home in a tent with my friends.
  • Trying new food.
  • The activities that we can do while we are here.

What do you think we might have for dinner?

  • Pasta or pizza?
  • Curry?
  • Hot chocolate?
  • Spaghetti?
  • Noodles?
  • Nuggets?
  • Potato chips?