Year 7-9 Production: Treasure Island

Year 7-9 Production: Treasure Island

By Ms Pip Buining, Director

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Treasure Island for their thoroughly engaging and lively production. It was a swashbucklin’ adventure, a yarn filled with betrayal and plunder… and Davy Jones’ locker-moments aplenty.

Treasure Island is a timeless tale that invites audiences on a rollicking adventure whilst exploring the themes of greed, trust, and morality. The cast wove sea shanties throughout the well-known salty tale of some badly behaved pirates searching for treasure. Their ensemble work was seamless, creating energetic and hilarious fight sequences and beautiful atmospheric moments.

Many thanks to Miss Jemima Mordike for coming on board as Assistant Director and Stage Manager; it was wonderful to have a Collegian working alongside current students, modelling career pathways for the arts. Thanks also to Mr Nick Akhurst for his tireless and invaluable work as Producer and Head of Technical, mentoring and training the student techs who brought the show to life. It was a pleasure to direct the show and work with such a talented and enthusiastic cast.


By Sammy Miller, Year 12 Drama Captain

I am so blessed to have met these wonderful young people. They banded together to create a strong and admirable bond in a way that blurred the lines between those with experience in theatre and those for whom it was their first show. Watching those who came to rehearsals on the first day, eager to try but still unsure about their abilities or lacking confidence, come out of their shells was astounding. Alongside those who were more than happy to share their experience, it made for an ensemble who delivered a performance they should be immensely proud of.