Radford Online (ROL)

Radford Online

Screenshot of ROL dashboard above

Radford Online is the College's intranet.  It is the central information and digital resource for our staff, students and their parents and caregivers. This User Guide has detailed instructions, with screenshots, to help parents and caregivers navigate Radford Online.

In Radford Online, you can:

  • find information about co-curricular activities, including registration
  • update family information, including medical information for student
  • make Parent/Teacher/Student interview bookings
  • read student reports, via a link to the SEQTA database
  • access IT and Library information
  • check key College contacts.

Login Instructions


On the Radford Online login page

  1. Enter your username@radford.act.edu.au and password
  2. Click blue "Sign In" box. 

Login page for Radford Online 






Your ID number @radford.act.edu.au

e.g. 1234@radford.act.edu.au

Parents and caregivers of enrolled students have been allocated individual login credentials. Thank you for keeping this information secure and accessible.


Your ID number @radford.act.edu.au

e.g. 1234567@radford.act.edu.au

All students have been issued login credentials to access Radford ICT services, including Wi-Fi.

If you have not yet receive your login, please visit Helpdesk or ask your Tutor teacher.


Your issued username

e.g. first.surname@radford.act.edu.au

Please refer to your login credentials issued by HR.



Login Troubleshooting

  • Check that you are entering the login credentials in the correct case, and all spelling is correct.
  • Your Radford Online login details are unique to each parent and have replaced family codes.
  • If copying and pasting the login credentials, check that you are not picking up a stray space at the start or end, or that autocorrect hasn't capitalised or changed the text.

To check your login credentials, please contact College Reception or email helpdesk@radford.act.edu.au

If after having tried the above you are still experiencing technical difficulties, please contact helpdesk@radford.act.edu.au